Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smoothing out Chalk Paint

I bought this great dresser and 2 night stands at my local thrift center. It had a very shiny top and deep scratches. I didn't want to sand it down so I grabbed my Annie Sloan chalk paint and started painting. But wait, I did clean it with TSP first because it was previously "oiled" and I was NOT painting over that crap! It took 2 coats of Provence. I wasn't happy with how rough it felt, I am known for my furniture being smooth and soft, so I sanded down the top to make it smooth. Ok, I sanded down the whole thing by hand (with a sanding block 220 grit) !  It is so smooth now, I also brushed on clear wax then right after did a light brushing of dark wax and ragged it off for a nice antique look. I think I have figured out chalk paint now. I wont use it on everything but stuff like this its perfect! Look at the shine on the top of the dresser... thats what I was going for and it only took me a month to figure it out! The white on the drawer is a mixture of CeCe Caldwell white with Benjamin Moore Natura flat, I have no idea of the color it was an "oops'. I didn't have enough of CeCe's left so I just added it for the chalk-y look!

Paint on, My friends!

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