Monday, February 27, 2012

Say NO to sanding dust!!

I am the one who is inside my house during the 110 degree summer days sanding a dining table. I know your thinking, "how could she?" we'll, I have a great trick to catch all that stupid and annoying dust! The type of dust that is gritty and scratches when you try to wipe it off! I looked, and looked for a machine that would attach to my sander that would suck up the dust. At one point I'm embarrassed to say I duck taped the hose attachment from my Dyson to the sander!! After thinking and thinking, I thought why won't my shop vac work... The silly hose is to large for the sander opening thingy. Then when I was having tile work done in my daughters bathroom.. He had a cute little shop vac... I took it to see if it would fit my sander exhaust opening... Cha Ching, perfect fit! It just needed the smaller hose opening. No fitting or anything needed.. The suction from the vac holds it on to the sander. Please note, you must must use the "fine dust" bags, or it blows out the back after it gets full. They are about 9 bucks for a package and they last a long time. I bought mine at lowes, it's the 5 gallon, and of course the best sander ever was purchases at home depot!
Paint on, my friends!

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