Friday, February 17, 2012

Best paint for Furniture!

So many people ask me what my favorite paint is. I have tried many, ok probably more then many, over the years and continue to go back to 2 brands. My first favorite is BEHR paint w/primer. It goes on in two coats (usually)! 

my second favorite is Benjamin Moore, Natura zero VOC paint.  The only reason I bought this paint was because it was on the "oops" section in my local paint store. It was a pretty off white so I thought for $2.50 what could it hurt! So now I check often to see if they have any oops in that brand, because we all know I am not paying full price!!

My favorite chalk paint is Annie Sloan's, hands down! 

I have NEVER told anyone this, but for all my black French tables I use Benjamin Moore Super Spec in black, I have used both oil based and water born... water born is not as pretty as the oil but I am so tired of the oil based clean up and smell! and if it is cold outside that oil based paint will take days to dry., good luck with that as you are picking tiny hairs and lent out!lol

Paint on, My friends!

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