Saturday, February 25, 2012

Furniture Sliders and Drop cloths!

Ok, I must share this secret! I love furniture sliders, so much so I have them everywhere, even in the car for deliveries. I bought some a few years back to scoot furniture around my house without having the whole family helping me.  I hate drop cloths, they are thin and any amount of wind or breeze blows them on to the wet paint, and I always seem to slip on them because they are like walking on ice. SO, instead of using drop cloths I use sliders on the feet of what I am painting. It allows me to scoot stuff around while I am painting and still sit or stand in the same place. Yes, this will give you large muscles.....ha!
Notice my fancy sliders under the legs of this handsome table!!

I  have perfected the art of not getting paint on the floor, but if you must use a drop cloth I highly recommend using those cheap vinyl out door tablecloths. They are strong  and you can use them over and over. Plus I always get mine after a Holiday and they are only a few bucks!!
Paint on, my friends!!


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