Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to paint a large mirror!

This is one of those tips everyone contacts me about! I paint a lot of mirrors for dressers. when I first started this business I HATED doing it! I hated taping off, so I didn't! then I would spend hours using a blade to scrape off the paint that I got on the mirror!

SO one day I was using some scrapbook paper to place up next to the wood so I wouldn't get paint on the mirror. I was so shocked that it fit right under the  wood on the mirror, so I started using thick card stock type paper every time! my favorite is good old note cards, I even get my kids "used" ones from previous school years and use them. On this mirror I used old business cards that I made 2 years ago that I no longer use!! I know, great idea!! I am all about making life easier! If they move around while your painting, add a few pieces of tape or double up the cards.

Paint on, My friends!


  1. I use my junk mail I get and that way it covers the mirror a little more...great use for the stupid ol' junk mail!!

  2. That is a good idea too! Some mirrors don't have the ability to slip cards under the edge, so I usually use random paper and tape it as close to the mirror as possible!! But I like your idea better, its FREE! lol