Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chalk painted armoire!

This is my Armoire that holds all my paint and supplies. Its HUGE, I bought it back in 2001 when it was still cool to use them for your large "tube" TV. I hated the color and have been wanting to paint it for years, ok, for about 5 years! Once I discovered chalk- paint I knew I wanted to use it on this beast. Its solid wood but it does have a smooth veneer. 

I started by cleaning the entire thing with TSP, especially the inside where the TV once was and there was a this gross black film ( it may have been from my past soy candle obsession) ! I used a Chalk paint I can no longer discuss. I waxed in with clear wax then used my good ol' oil based glaze. This is a little tricky because the oil based glaze sticks really well to the wax so rub fast or it will stick and be very hard to get "the look" you want.. It will look more like dirt over paint.  It turned out great, I am still not sure if i want to keep it or use it for display at the shop.  Either way, I love it.. its so cute now!!

Paint on, My Friends!

before glaze

after, its been distressed and glazed 
Bottom: after, glazed and distressed 
before glazing and distressing
after, distressed then glazed
Before, and look at that GIANT tub TV!! so gross! lol
Here she is!! All done and put back together.. Now I just need to put hundreds of cans of paint back in! 


  1. Omg I just love the colors!! I want to start painting furniture so bad! So glad i ran across your site!!! Speaking of I came across your blog because I was looking at The Cutest Blog on The Corner and your design jumped out at me.. I clicked on it and Wa La... Here I am loving it!! Can't wait to read some more post! I love these colors.. going to try to find out the name on here as I look further. If I don't find it can you let me know what colors you used? THANKSSSS!! Jules Potter

  2. I'm not sure why I'm still coming up as an old name "Julesshoppergirl" but could you email me back at
    Thanks so much

  3. Duh!! You probably think I'm on acid lol! Found the color right on the post! Just jumped the gun in sending the paint color message! I'm just so excited to find your site!

    1. HI Jules,
      Thats so funny! I am glad you are enjoying my site, I LOVE painting and doing other craft stuff! I also post stuff that I find interesting that has nothing to do with painting! Add me on Facebook too, I post on there as well. Read my blog about my favorite paint... I need to edit it to have a favorite chalk paint section. One day I will post a "how to" or do an EBook on a step by step instruction on painting. let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me


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