Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yellow and Gray bedroom theme!

My Daughter changes her room colors more then anyone I know! a little over a year ago I painted her dresser a beautiful lime Green with a dark glaze ( see pic below). She also Painted her walls Lime with a pink Damask stencil. It was SOOOO cute, but she gets on pinterest and wants to change her whole theme AGAIN. This time she did Gray walls and yellow furniture.. I will be making her curtains out of a funky gray & yellow fabric as soon as I find some!! 
She painted this dresser all by herself I only instructed how to use chalk paint. It took 2 coats and a light sanding on top. She also wants me to "make" a cool headboard covered in the same funky fabric we pick for the curtains... I have never made curtains before but what the heck, It cant hurt trying! 
We did this dresser in chalk paint because it was previously painted and glazed and I did not want to paint 15 coats of regular paint over it.. the chalk paint went right on. WE did use TSP to clean any funk off, from being in a Teenagers room! 

Paint on, My friends!! 


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