Friday, March 16, 2012

Fight of The China Hutch!

Funny sorry about this Beautiful China Hutch. I went to my local auction to see what they had that I could paint. I saw this beauty, I was so gonna get this! I started bidding and there was someone to my right bidding also. I couldn't see who it was so I kept on going. Finally, I get a good look and its one of my own vendors at my shop. I love this lady, she is so sweet. So I stop bidding and let her win!  I apologized to her for bidding against her. She reassured me it was no big deal, she didn't see me until it was to late . A few weeks later she found me at the shop and said she wanted to sell me the hutch. WHAT, WAIT, is she serious!! YES, I want to buy it, she sold it to me for the same amount she paid! See being a nice person has its advantages! 

I painted this is a deep black with heavy distressing. Also has new knobs. The whole thing has a clear coat and the top has 2 coats. This is the first hutch I have had that has a hinged swinging door on the bottom, my theory for this, is to be able to fit large casseroles or platters under there!! 

Paint on, My friends! 

$499 at the Feathered Nest Market 

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