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No Longer offering custom painting, sorry for any disappointment this may cause! 

CUSTOM PAINTING  ( Updated July 2012) 

The prices below are to give you an idea of the estimated price. Please send me an email  with a picture of the furniture you are wanting painted along with details about what you are wanting, distressing, glazing or poly. This will allow me to quote you the best price for the completed project. Every piece of furniture is different, time spent will also depend on the quality, previous finish and age of item. **Some newer furniture is MDF and can not be painted, I can only paint sold wood furniture! 
* exception is for laminate top dressers or tables, I can paint these and does take a 4 step process to make the paint stick! ** update, chalk paint will stick to MDF! 

Now offering CHALK paint at your request. chalk paint is a great alternative for laminate top dressers/tables or over old paint. Please add the cost of a quart of chalk paint $39 


$35 an hour
Covers labor and supplies ( brushes, sanding disks, rags, and cleaner)

$7 for each coat of paint
$9 for each coat of glaze
$9 for a coat of clear polyurethane ( if desired)

Distress finishing (sand edges or top) at your request FREE of charge. If the item was previously painted then distressing will show the previous coat of paint, so in some cases distressing is not an option.

Add the cost of 1 quart of paint $17-20, chalk paint is $38-40 a quart

Note: Please allow more time for large detailed furniture.
Turn around time is 15-30 days, depending on my work load and how many people are ahead of you. 

Dining chair recovering
(not re-upolstery)
$15 per chair not including fabric

AVERAGE pricing costs (as of July 2012)

Dresser or vanity $250 and up
small chest $150 and up
nightstand/end table $50-75
twin bed $75
full bed $95
queen/king $150-200
Mirror $75
Dining table only $175 and up, depending on size
4 dining chairs $175 and up
6 dining chairs $250 and up
8 dining chairs $350 and up
Armoire $175-300 depending on size
coffee table $75-$150

Please note,  I will no longer be offering pick up and delivery or  re-staining or darkening of already stained wood!

If I do not feel that I can successfully make your furniture beautiful again, I will refer you to another fellow refinisher!